What You Should Know about Asbestos

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Are you ready to expand your house and starting knocking out walls to get it done? Keep in mind that there is more involved with knocking down walls than demolition. It is possible that the drywall contains fibrous minerals that are harmful to your health. You might need a permit before the walls can be knocked out to decrease the risk of asbestos getting into the environment. Below, you will gain more insight about home renovation projects that possibly involve the removal of asbestos.

1. Things to Do Before Removing Drywall

Your first step before moving forward with knocking out drywall is to contact the environmental agency in your area. You must alert them about your desire to renovate your house, as well as explain exactly what you intend on doing. The agency will likely send someone to your house to inspect the drywall for the presence of asbestos. Depending on what is found, you will need a permit before drywall can be removed on your own. Other materials in your house that are being removed might also require an asbestos permit.

2. Other Products That Might Contain Asbestos

The insulation material in your walls might possibly contain asbestos, so it will likely be inspected by the environmental agent. Some building materials that are made out of vinyl, like tiles and wall coverings, can also contain asbestos. Whether or not you can remove products that have asbestos on your own will depend on the amount and type that is present. For instance, friable asbestos will likely have to be removed by a professional because it has a high chance of floating around in the air.

3. Why Asbestos Is Harmful to Your Health

One of the biggest health risks of asbestos exposure is the development of lung cancer. You can end up with a disease known as Mesothelioma. You can also suffer from a few other lung conditions. Some of the symptoms that you might experience include severe chest pain, as well as difficulty breathing.

4. How Drywall Might Have to Be Removed

If a large quantity of asbestos is found in your home that is friable, you will need to hire a contractor or a professional asbestos removal company like Mac-Bestos Inc to remove it. Your house will basically be sealed off to prevent the fibrous materials from escaping into the outside environment. Find out if you need professional asbestos removal done for your renovation project so the work can begin.


25 October 2016

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