3 Signs Of Mold Growth That Can Lead To Serious Problems And Damage To Your Home

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Mildew can be something that you notice in the bathroom or by a sink that you may not pay a lot of attention to. You may have a problem with moisture in your home and a musty humid smell that has started to get worse. Mold can start with just a small amount of moisture and grow into a problem that takes over your home and is costly to repair. Here are some of the signs of mold growth that you want to pay attention to in your home:

1. Small Mildew Problems That Can Be The Beginning Of Mold

Small mildew problems are often the first sign of mold. In places like kitchens and bathrooms, the mildew may start to grow in corners, around caulking and in cracks where moisture gets trapped. If there is a leak somewhere, the mildew can quickly grow and be the beginning of a serious mold problem. Always clean the mildew in these areas of your home, and when they come right back, consider contacting a mold remediation service to evaluate the problem and ensure that it is not a sign of a more serious issue.

2. The Smell Of Humidity And Moisture In Homes With A Crawlspace Or Basement

The musty smell from a crawl space or basement is not just stagnant water. The smell comes from mildew and mold spores that have begun to grow. Musty smells are also signs that there are leaks or moisture problems somewhere. First, address the source of the humid smells, and then, deal with any mildew and mold problems. For basements and crawlspaces, you may want to consider solutions like dehumidifiers to reduce humidity in a basement or a encapsulation to keep moisture out of the crawlspace.

3. Leaks Have Been Addressed But The Mold Problems Still Remain And Grow

When you have a leak under a sink, you may fix the problem or contact a plumber to do the repairs. Repairs may be done, but there is likely still moisture from the leak. This can be a place where mold begins to grow and feed on the moisture. This can also be a problem with other leaks from things like roof damage, water getting in behind a window or a deck that does not have proper flashing.  After you have these repairs done, look for signs of moisture and mold that may need to be cleaned up.

If you can catch a potential mold problem before it gets out of hand, you can reduce the costs of repairs. Even if you notice a small problem that you think is not that bad, contact an environmental service, such as ENVIROTECH Inc, to evaluate the problem and take care of it before it leads to costly repairs. 


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