Three Tips For When You Want To Remove A Large Amount Of Gravel Via A Dumpster Rental

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While landscaping is hard work, the fact that you'll need to dispose of all the gravel you take off of your property can be even more daunting than the job itself. Fortunately, by using a dumpster rental service, you'll be able to dispose of all the gravel you pick up with your shovel quickly and for a relatively modest price. When you want to remove a large amount of gravel from your property via a dumpster rental, don't forget these three tips.

Always Place The Rented Dumpster On Level And Secure Ground

Remember that filling up your rented dumpster is going to drastically increase its weight. If you don't want the dumpster to shift around as you add more and more gravel to it, make sure that you place it on secure and level ground.

Ideally, this should mean that you place the dumpster on your driveway, even if this means there's going to be some distance between the dumpster and the gravel site you want to clear. To bridge the gap, you can haul the gravel with a smaller holding and transfer container.

Designate A Trash Can As A Holding Container

A plastic or metal trash can is the best candidate for your main holding container because it's relatively easy to slide around on grass. A trash bag could tear and it'd be very difficult to lift a wheelbarrow up to the top of a rented dumpster's wall to pour the gravel in.

Before you start your work, just make sure that there are no cracks in the trash can you'll be using. If you find a small crack, you may be able to cover it with a thick mat of duct tape. However, if the crack looks like it'll only get bigger when pressure is placed on it, try to find another trash can.

Move In Shallow Horizontal Spurts With Your Shovel

You'll waste a lot more time than necessary if you use your shovel to dig large and deep vertical shafts in the gravel. Instead, remove the gravel in shallow horizontal sections. In other words, move across the gravel as a farmer would move across dirt with a hoe, but keep your trash can close at hand to collect gravel as quickly as possible.

Though it might look like you're making no progress at first with this method, this is the most efficient way to clear a large gravel layer from your property.


4 October 2016

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