Steps To Take When Staying In Hotels To Avoid Bed Bug Transferral To Your Home

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If you plan on traveling in the near future, and you are going to be staying in a hotel during this time, being aware of the possibility of bed bugs being present in your room is very important. While most people prefer not to think about these blood-sucking parasites, a

bed bug infestation can be transferred via personal belongings. This makes it necessary to brush up on signs of their existence when staying in a strange room so you do not put your own home at a risk of an infestation. Here are some tips you can use when staying in a hotel to ensure these creatures do not make their way back to your home with you.

Ask To See Your Room Before Paying

When staying at a hotel, ask the front desk service person if you could take a look at the room they plan on renting to you before you pay for it. This will allow you to do a quick spot-check of the conditions before you bring your belongings inside. Once your suitcases are in the room, they will be exposed to bed bugs if they are present. Take a look at the headboard of the bed as well as the box spring for any small black insects or dark red blood markings. Consider placing a piece of tape along these surfaces and then peeling it off to check what remnants are picked up if you are unable to view the surfaces easily.

Keep Personal Items Away From Prone Areas

Do not place your suitcase on your bed at any time you are staying in your hotel room. Instead, place it on top of a dresser or suitcase stand so it is lifted well away from carpeting or linens. Pack a few garbage bags inside your suitcase to use while you are away. Before you go into your room, remove one from your suitcase and place your suitcase inside. This will keep bed bugs from attaching to the material of the enclosure should they be present. When you are done wearing clothing, place it in another garbage bag for collection. This will not only keep your clean clothing from becoming dirty, but will also suffocate any bed bugs if they were present within your room, helping to eliminate the chance of transferring them to your home.

Protect Your Home With Precautionary Steps

If you end up getting bit by bed bugs while away, alert the hotel immediately to receive compensation for your stay as well as ensure they eradicate the problem before other people check into the room. It will then be necessary to keep all your belongings outdoors until you can confirm there are no bed bugs upon them. Bring all clothing to a laundromat rather than inside of your home. Wash all clothing in hot water and dry on the highest temperature setting in the laundromat. Afterward, place the items in a clean garbage bag once again. Leave them here for a few weeks so any stragglers will smother due to lack of air.


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